The biggest bombshells from Elizabeth Warren’s memoir ‘Persist’

BOSTON, MA – Senator Elizabeth Warren has released her third memoir and 12th book overall, Persist. In the memoir, a copy of which was obtained by BeetPress, Warren acknowledged publicly – now months later – that maybe she “wasn’t good enough” for American voters to win the 2020 democratic primary. Here are some other shocking revelations from Warren’s new memoir.

  • Persisted just long enough to ruin Bernie Sanders’ chances for the nomination
  • Big, structural changes made by Warren and husband Bruce Mann to a Massachusetts investment property resulted in the building being condemned by the city of Charlestown
  • Is actually only 1/4 Cherokee
  • Claims that a Bernie Bro once kicked Bailey
  • Likes taking selfies
  • Made up the whole story about Bernie Sanders telling her that a woman can’t be president in a desperate attempt to slow Sanders’s momentum in the 2020 Democratic Primaries and bolster her own flailing campaign 
  • Still aspires to not be chosen for Vice President in 2024

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