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Errant Jewish space laser damages Hollywood sign

LOS ANGELES, CA – In what is being described as an unfortunate mishap, the Jewish Space Laser Agency reportedly damaged the iconic Hollywood Sign with a space laser. “We were conducting some tests of our space laser this weekend, and regrettably, strafed the corner of the Hollywood Sign, damaging the H and O,” said Agency spokesman Saul Katzenberg. The laser, whose existence was kept secret until recently, was allegedly responsible for setting a series of devastating wildfires in California last summer, according to Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. “If anyone knows anything about the Jews, it’s that we love Hollywood. It’s unfathomable that we would do anything to deliberately harm Hollywood or the State of California,” said Katzenberg. In a statement released on Monday, Greene didn’t seem concerned about the incident, saying “if the Jews want to turn their lasers on Hollywood, who am I to stop them?”

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