Barron Trump forgotten at White House

WASHINGTON, DC – Barron Trump was reportedly left at the White House as former President Trump and his wife Melania departed the grounds on Marine One for the final time.

According to White House staff, Barron slept in on the morning of January 20th as his parents hurriedly prepared for their departure from the presidential home. As the Trumps ran through a mental checklist of things to remember to grab on their way out, they missed one key thing: their 14 year old son Barron.

When reached for comment, Trump didn’t seem too concerned about the oversight, saying “I had wanted a daughter, and Barron’s always just sort of been there. I guess because he was a kid Melania was responsible for him, but he’s got to be 16 or 17 now, he can figure out how to get down to Florida on his own. We told him we were leaving at noon, so it’s really his fault he missed the flight.”

Incoming President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have indicated that they are willing to look after the child, at least until a point where the Trumps can make travel arrangements to return him to Florida.

“Look man, I don’t mind looking after the little rascal for a few weeks, but at some point, his parents need to take responsibility,” explained President Biden. “Obviously the Trumps failed in their parenting. If they had put the record player on at night, things might have been better for the kid, I don’t know.”

Some have speculated that Barron was intentionally abandoned by his parents, including CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza who speculates “I just don’t think that the Trumps can afford the $35,000 tuition at Barron’s private school down in Florida. For them, their son is just another liability to offload at a loss.”

As of press time, BeetPress has learned that Trump was being reminded again that he also has a daughter named Tiffany.

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