Ellen ponders how much time to wait before inviting Trump on show

LOS ANGELES, CA – Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres is reportedly asking associates and producers how long is a good time to wait before inviting soon-to-be former president Donald Trump on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“It’s hard to judge these things because you want enough time to pass so that people have gotten over their anger, but you don’t want to wait too long that people have forgotten about him completely. It’s a tough call,” explained DeGeneres.

The daytime talk show host is known for having a wide variety of sometimes-controversial guests on her show including George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, and the Westboro Baptist Church.

“Once his term is finally over, whether he’s removed or transitions out of the presidency on January 20th, people will want to see the lighter side of The Donald,” said Ellen. “Just because we don’t see eye to eye on everything doesn’t mean I can’t have him on the show to dance, ask him what’s on his Spotify playlist, and talk about how we’re both Covid survivors.”

Trump, who was impeached on Wednesday for the second time for inciting an insurrection against the Capitol as congress was tallying electoral college votes, has appeared on talk shows before, including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“While it might take some time for Americans to get over the trauma of the Trump presidency, I think our collective wounds will heal pretty quickly,” said CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza. “I think in two to three months, we can begin the task of rehabilitating his image.”

Some activities DeGeneres is planning for the former president’s appearance include a game of miniature golf, seeing if he can tell the difference between real and fake gold, and Take That, China!, a popular segment in which Ellen makes jokes about impractical and often unwise American inventions.

“I know it’s hard to imagine, but presidents are just people,” explained DeGeneres. “As presidents they may unilaterally launch an invasion against a sovereign country under false pretenses, lock kids in cages, drone bomb weddings, or exclude an entire major religion from entering our borders, but as private citizens, they like to laugh, go to ballgames, eat ice cream, and do everyday things. It’s these normal, everyday things that I like to highlight on my show – bring back a little humanity, you know? Plus, I’m hoping I can score an invite to Mar-a-Lago once the pandemic dies down.”

According to sources, Ellen has penciled March 24, 2021 into her calendar as a good day to have Trump on her show.

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