NBC planning Golden Girls reboot with remaining cast members

Golden Girls Reboot

HOLLYWOOD, CA – NBCUniversal has announced a reboot of the classic sitcom The Golden Girls, featuring all living cast members of the original series.

“Given the state of the world right now, what with Covid, the protests, the economy, we thought that Americans needed a good dose of feel-good television. What could be more feel-good than The Golden Girls?” asked NBCUniversal head of development Andrew Berg. “A lot of our audience is watching reruns of the original series on Hulu, and to those people I want to say: we’re bringing the Girls back to prime time!”

The series, which aired from 1985 to 1992, centered around four older women living together in Miami. The show starred Rue McClanahan as Blanche, Bea Arthur as Dorothy, Estelle Getty as Sophia, and Betty White as Rose. White remains the only living cast member. The reboot will showcase all of the side-splitting wit and humor of the original, but without Blanche, Sophia, or Dorothy.

Networks out of ideas

“Frankly, we’re out of ideas, and Betty White is ratings gold, so we thought, why not?” said Berg. “America loves Betty, but at 98 years old, we only have 10 or so years to put her back on the small screen. It’s now or never.”

NBCUniversal has reportedly negotiated a 7-season contract with White.

White will reprise her role as the lovable but dimwitted Rose Nylund. The premise, according to Berg, is that Rose has returned to her St Olaf home and become an ardent Trump supporter. The nonagenarian will regale her visiting caretaker with folksy tales about her years in Miami with her deceased friends.

Fans react

“While I’m excited to see Betty White back on TV, I’m not sure the Golden Girls is the right vehicle for her,” said Golden Girls fan Bonnie Mishke. “What made Golden Girls magic was the chemistry between the characters. With Betty on her own, it’s just not going to be the same. I’ll still watch though.”

The Golden Girls follows several other sitcom reboots, including Roseanne, MacGyver, Arrested Development, and Fuller House.

As of press time, BeetPress has learned that ABC has a reboot of Family Matters also in the works. The series will focus on the trials and tribulations of 43-year-old Steve Urkel working as a systems analyst for a mid-size tech firm.

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