BeetPress wishes this guy a fast and full recovery

WASHINGTON, DC – Upon learning of President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, BeetPress would like to set partisanship aside and wish the man who cruelly mocked a physically disabled reporter on national television a fast and full recovery.

Across Twitter, democratic politicians are sending Trump their well-wishes, including Pete Buttigieg, of whom the President said “Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States,” tweeting “Wishing President Trump and the First Lady a full and speedy recovery.”

Elizabeth Warren, who Trump only ever calls Pocahontas, retweeted a message from Trump’s opponent Joe Biden, which read “Jill and I send our thoughts to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for a swift recovery. We will continue to pray for the health and safety of the president and his family.”

Television personality Ellen also offered her well wishes to the man most liberals consider the most dangerous president in the history of America, saying “I for one, hopes that he gets well soon. I look forward to having him on the show to talk about this harrowing experience, and maybe play some ping pong.”

“It’s refreshing to see so many political figures putting aside their criticism of Trump, whose inaction on Covid-19 has likely resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, to wish him and his family the best,” said CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza.

As of press time, BeetPress has confirmed that President Trump has just told his attending nurse that she’s a solid 7-out-of-10, but only from the waist up.

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