Biden holds comfortable lead among Animal Crossing residents

ANIMAL CROSSING – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden holds a comfortable lead among residents of the imaginary Nintendo world of Animal Crossing, New Horizons, according to sources.

A poll among the pixelated residents and anthropomorphic animals of the ‘island’ shows Biden with 57% support, as opposed to President Trump with only 40% support.

According to CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza, the poll is unsurprising. “Among people who solely exist in a fantasy world full of unique items to discover and islands to explore, it’s no surprise to see that Biden is doing so well,” said Cillizza. “Biden/Harris lawn signs, available for download on the Nintendo Switch online app, are sprouting up all around the island, with nary a Trump sign in sight.”

The results of the poll indicate that support for the democratic party ticket is strong among virtual characters that enjoy gathering and crafting items, catching insects and fish, and developing the island into a community of anthropomorphic animals.

“When you live in an escapist reality where concerns about healthcare costs, Covid, the environment, racial unrest, and wealth inequality aren’t factors in everyday life, it’s easy to see why Biden is doing so well,” says Biden’s communication director Kate Bedingfield.

Prominent island residents Tom Nook, K.K. Slider, and Isabelle have announced that they are endorsing Biden at a virtual campfire event, signaling that support for Biden is coalescing among the island characters.

“The residents of the island just want to live in a relaxing and stress-free environment,” says Slider. “After years of Trump’s chaotic reign, pretend people and animals just want to return to normalcy, and we’re finding that in Joe Biden.”

As of press time, Biden’s campaign has announced that they are redirecting resources away from Wisconsin and Michigan to focus on a big victory in New Horizons.

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