Biden vows to announce VP pick before end of first term

Biden vows to announce VP pick before end of first term

WILMINGTON, DE – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has postponed the announcement of his running mate until sometime before the end of his first term on January 20th 2025, according to sources within the campaign.

Biden initially planned to make the announcement on August 1st, 2020, but felt that he needed an extra four or so years to be sure that he picked the right candidate, telling reporters that he was close to making a decision, but needed a few more years to really think things through.

“This is a big deal, man. You can’t just pull a name out of a hat, you’ve got to really think hard and make the right choice,” Biden told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an interview.

According to sources, Biden has narrowed the field to diplomat Susan Rice, Representative Karen Bass, and Senator Kamala Harris, all black women. Party insiders, however, indicate that he hasn’t ruled out Asian American Senator Tammy Duckworth, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who’s 1/1024 Native American, in an effort to appease progressives.

“Joe Biden is no spring chicken,” said CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza. “He will be 82 years old when he completes his first term, so it’s vital that he chooses a vice president who is prepared to take over as president if anything were to happen to him. In a perfect world, he’d choose Hillary, but it’s ultimately his choice.”

Voters react

When questioned, voters were unfazed about Biden’s lack of a VP pick, including Nashville democrat Tim Chambers, who told BeetPress “Joe Biden will win in a landslide against Donald Trump. No doubt about it. I know sometimes the VP choice can attract certain demographics, but this year, Biden’s victory is all but guaranteed. We can worry about the vice president once Biden’s in office.”

As of press time, BeetPress has confirmed that if Biden is unable to make a decision by the 2024 general election, Jill Biden will choose for him.

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