Biden makes VP choice

Biden makes VP pick

WILMINGTON, DE – After weeks of speculation, presidential nominee Joe Biden has finally made a decision about the vice presidential nominee that will join him at the top of the ticket in November.

“We’ve been poring over an extensive list of highly qualified candidates for vice president, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve made a decision,” said Biden communication director Kate Bedingfield, adding “this person encapsulates all of the qualities we were looking for, and will add a ton of excitement to our campaign.”

According to sources, Biden has been considering several women of color for the job, including Kamala Harris, Susan Rice, Tammy Duckworth, and Karen Bass. However, rumors have circulated that Biden may choose Elizabeth Warren in an effort to consolidate the support of progressives around his campaign.

“This must have been a tough choice for Biden, but I’m confident that he made the right decision,” said Biden supporter Heidi Rosenblum. “There’s valid concern about Biden’s age and ability to govern the nation for the next four years, so his choice for vice must be ready to step in to the presidency on day one.”

Although he planned to announce his decision on August 1st, the Biden campaign issued a statement late Saturday that he needed a little more time to ensure that he had made the correct choice.

“Trust me, it was worth the wait, and we have every confidence that this candidate will garner much needed enthusiasm as we head into the general election,” said Bedingfield. “Our top priority is defeating Trump in November, and I think this is the ticket that’s going to push us over the edge in terms of the popular vote, and the electoral college vote. This won’t be a repeat of 2016.”

This article is part one of a two-part series. Please stay tuned for part two, which will be published at some point before election day, maybe.

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