Biden vows to end Vietnam War if elected

Biden vows to end Vietnam War if elected

WILMINGTON, DE – In a statement from his home on Thursday, former Vice President and democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has vowed to end the conflict in Vietnam if elected president.

“I pledge to you that my administration will end the war and and win the peace in the Pacific,” said Biden via teleconference with CNN. “The Johnson administration has wasted the Nation’s military power by using it so gradually. C’mon man, let’s just win this thing. It’ll be a cakewalk.”

According to sources within the campaign, Biden as pledged an additional 500,000 American troops to Southeast Asia to augment South Vietnamese forces in order to rout the Viet Cong from South Vietnam. He also plans to invade Laos and bomb Cambodia in an effort to disrupt North Vietnamese supply routes in the region.

“We can not allow the forces of Communism to spread across Southeast Asia,” said Biden. “We will commit the resources necessary, be it infantry soldiers, bombers, tanks, whatever it takes to defeat the North and restore democracy in the region. We’re going to bring peace with honor.”

Biden’s commitment to escalate the war in Vietnam has been met with skepticism from anti-war activists who feel that a buildup of US troops in the region will lead to mass casualties, destabilize the region, and lead the US further into the quagmire of an un-winnable war. Supporters are confident that a heavy-handed approach will translate into a quick victory.

“We’ve been coddling these commies for far too long,” said Biden supporter Ted Goldman, adding “it’s time to nip this thing in the bud and win the war so our boys overseas can come home to their families.”

If elected, Biden has also pledged to defeat Saddam Hussein, destroy Al-Qaeda, and bring Osama Bin Ladin to justice, no matter the cost.

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