Alt-reality series ‘Forbes,’ where John Kerry is sexy, in development with Hulu

Hulu to explore a world where John Kerry is sexy

SANTA MONICA, CA – Video-on-demand service Hulu has announced that an alternate-reality series titled Forbes is in development, which explores a world in which John Kerry is attractive.

“One can’t help to wonder what the world would be like if John Kerry was good looking,” said Hulu director of development Beatrice Springborn. “In this series, we’re going to find out how the 2004 election outcome may have been different if Kerry had the conventional good looks of John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama.”

The former democratic senator and Secretary of State rose to national prominence during the 2004 presidential election where he was defeated by incumbent George W. Bush. Historians believe that if Kerry had the sex appeal of John F. Kennedy, Jr., or George Clooney, he would have easily won the hearts and votes of suburban housewives in Ohio, thus giving him the presidency.

“John Kerry has never been seen as a sex symbol,” said biographer Brian Mooney, adding “and his insecurity about his looks may had a negative impact on his political career. How would Middle-eastern diplomacy have been different if Kerry looked more like Pierce Brosnan or Antonio Banderas? How would a sexy John Kerry have handled Hurricane Katrina? Would the great recession of 2008 happened if Kerry looked like Tom Cruise? These are all interesting questions to ask, and I’m looking forward to see how this series addresses how things would be different if John Kerry was a silver fox.”

According to Hulu, the series will employ advanced computer technology to digitally alter John Kerry’s appearance in historical videos and use conventionally attractive actors to portray President Kerry in a hypothetical world where Bush was defeated in 2004. Being considered for the role of sexy John Kerry is Richard Gere, Kevin Coster, and Jeff Goldblum. House of Cards alum Robin Wright is also attached to the series to play Theresa Heinz Kerry in an alternate-reality where she is also attractive.

“With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s going to be nice to escape into a universe where John Kerry is smoking hot and got elected president. Attractive presidents get re-elected, so eight years of John Kerry would have delayed Obama’s presidency by four years, meaning he’d still be President right now and we wouldn’t be in this mess,” says Nancy Harper, a Kansas City-area retired school teacher, adding “God, I hope they recreate those wind-surfing scenes with George Clooney.”

Hulu has confirmed that if the series is a success, they will follow up with another alternate-reality series called Stanley that will explore how the 1988 election outcome may have been different if Mike Dukakis had looked like Patrick Swayze.

Production on Forbes will begin in August and the series is expected to debut prior to the 2020 general election in November.

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