Debra Messing calls cops on Nina Turner

LOS ANGELES, CA – Actress Debra Messing has reportedly called the police on Nina Turner following a recent spat on Twitter over the 2020 presidential election.

“Hi, yes, there’s a black woman by the name of Nina Turner who is trying to upend democracy and get Donald Trump re-elected,” Messing told a 911 operator at approximately 4:15pm Pacific time. “She’s harassing me online, and I’m fearful of my safety and the safety of immigrants and people of color across America. Please send someone now. She’s threatening to me and liberal white women everywhere!”

The incident started on July 4th after Kanye West announced his presidential bid when Messing sent a tweet stating that Kanye is “playing Jill Stein. He’s trying to take [young] black voters from Biden. It’s disgusting.” Prior to his announcement, West, who is African American, had previously been a supporter of President Donald Trump.

Nina Turner, former state senator from Ohio and Bernie Sanders campaign co-chair, responded with a tweet saying “Your connotation is racist. Black voters are not owned by anyone. Our vote should be earned every election cycle. We can think for ourselves & don’t need your help. Sometimes it’s best to stay out of family business.”

“I’m sitting here thinking, who does she think she is that she can speak for the black community,” Messing told BeetPress. “As a white woman who is liberal and woke, it is my responsibility to ensure that black lives are protected, and Joe Biden is the best candidate for the black community. Anyone who doesn’t agree with me is a racist bigot, plain and simple. Besides, how can I be racist? I voted for Obama.”

In a report filed by the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, Messing reported that Turner called her a “Karen,” which according to Messing constitutes hate speech.

“All I did was tell Nina Turner that I’m going to call Stacy Abrams to tell her to tell Nina to shut up and stop trying to interfere with the election, and she just goes off on me, calling me all these names,” said Messing. “I feel victimized, and I’m tired of people telling me that Joe Biden has to earn their vote. Have you seen who’s occupying the White House? This can’t be legal.”

“People can’t just vote for whomever they want, that’s not how democracy works,” added Messing.

After taking down Messing’s statement, Sheriff Deputy Bill Dennis told Messing “You can’t just call the police every time someone has a different opinion than you online. You’re wasting our time and resources, but feel free to give us a call if anything else happens.” Dennis then denied Messing’s request for law enforcement do a ‘wellness check’ on Turner.

When asked her thoughts about the whole imbroglio, Nina Turner told BeetPress “hello somebody!”

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