The Chicks drop Chicks from name

DALLAS, TX – The all-female country rock band formerly known as The Chicks has announced that they are dropping the word Chicks from their name, citing the infantile, flippant, and sexist nature of the word, and will now be called The.

The, then known as Dixie Chicks, had previously made headlines Thursday morning when they announced that they were dropping the word Dixie from their band name and would now be known as The Chicks. According to band members, the word Dixie references the Mason-Dixon line that separated free and slave-owning southern states and can be considered a part confederate culture.

“With all this attention being given to racism in America, and especially the focus on removing statues and cultural artifacts glorifying the confederacy and our nation’s racist past, we felt that it would be a bold statement of solidarity if we dropped the word Dixie from our band name,” said The singer Natalie Maines, adding “and then we thought about the struggles women have endured with discrimination, pay inequality, and reproductive rights, so naturally Chicks had to go too.”

“I’m not a Chick, I’m a professional musician who has worked extremely hard in a male-dominated world to get to where I am today,” explained The multi-instrumentalist Emily Strayer. “The word Chicks is heavily rooted in sexism and harkens back to the days when it was perfectly acceptable for men to cat-call women without social repercussions. No more.”

The is no stranger to making political statements. In 2003, The created a stir when they publicly announced that they did not support the Iraq War and felt ashamed that President George W. Bush was from Texas, The’s home state. The controversy caused many country music fans to boycott the band and damaged sales of The’s next album and tour.

“We’re trying to right some of the wrongs of the past, and by dropping these two words from our name, we’re sending the message that racism and sexism have no place in country music, and no place America,” The’s Martie Maguire told BeetPress.

As of press time, BeetPress has confirmed that The has announced a joint European tour with the English punk band The The. The and The The will kick off their 28-show tour March 5th in Munich.

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