[candidate name] secures democratic nomination

WASHINGTON, DC – Having secured the 1991 delegates necessary to clench the nomination, democratic candidate [candidate name] is the official presumptive nominee to compete against President Donald Trump in November’s presidential election.

In what has often been a contentious battle for the nomination, [candidate name] has defied expectations and overcome numerous obstacles to defeat such contenders as [candidate a], [candidate b], and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in order to win the 2020 democratic party nomination.

“It’s been a long road for all of the candidates, but I’m thrilled that [candidate name] will be representing Democrats come November,” said DNC chair Tom Perez, adding [candidate a], [candidate b], and Bernie Sanders all would have been wonderful candidates at the top of the ticket, but I’m confident that [candidate name] will unite the party and bring democrats together to beat Trump.”

The road to the nomination has been long and grueling, with over 24 democratic hopefuls campaigning, debating, and fundraising in hopes of beating Sanders. At times, it seemed like [candidate a] or [candidate b] might have accomplished the mission, but in the end [candidate name] was able to pull ahead of Sanders and win a string of primaries, creating the momentum needed to ultimately secure the nomination.

“What sealed the deal for [candidate name] was [candidate a] and [candidate b] dropping out at the opportune time and consolidating their support for [candidate name],” said Neera Tanden, president of the democratic think tank Center for American Progress. “I’m also thrilled to see that Bernie Sanders has thrown his support behind [candidate name]. I just hope that his rabid supporters follow suit.”

[candidate name] now looks forward to facing Trump in the general election where [he/she] hopes to obtain 270 electoral votes in order to become the next President of the United States.

****note to editor: replace candidate names before publication****

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