COPS to release 2-hour ‘Just the Beatings’ DVD

LOS ANGELES, CA – Given America’s renewed interest in police brutality, the Paramount Network has announced a June 6th special release, Cops: Just the Beatings, featuring the most violent examples of abuse of power and excessive force by law enforcement against black and hispanic individuals over the hit docu-series’ 33-season span.

“What Americans want to see most are white cops violently and repeatedly hitting suspects with nightsticks, tasing, shooting, and skull crushing takedowns of poor and minority perpetrators, and we’re here to deliver,” said Lauren Ruggiero, Head of Programming at Paramount.

While most Cops viewers hope to witness five police officers pin an unarmed black teenager to the ground for possession of a quarter ounce of marijuana or watch a Native American person forcibly dragged out of a vehicle and slammed against the hood of a car following a suspected DUI stop, many feel that the pace of the show and commentary of the police officers distracts from the violence.

“I don’t want to sit through 10 minutes of some cop talking about why he joined the force. I want to see the cops chase down a black man after a report of an attempted car theft and body slam him to the ground, kneel on his back and call for backup while the suspect pleads of air,” said Cops fan Jeremy Muldoon, adding “I want to see the hits, the punches, the chokeholds, the body slamming, and nothing else.”

The compilation DVD, to be released in time for Father’s Day, will contain over two hours of the most ball-busing police brutality captured during the 30-year run of the program, including over 40 minutes of previously unreleased ‘to brutal for broadcast’ footage, and a 25-minute featurette highlighting some of the most violent counter-protest police action caught on camera.

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