Democrats dust off 2016 playbook

WASHINGTON, DC – With the nomination of former vice president Joe Biden a near certainty, democratic party leaders are dusting off their 2016 playbook ahead of the general election against President Donald Trump on November 3rd.

“With Trump as our opponent, this election will be a cakewalk,” said Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez as he looked over a list of democratic consultants including Robby Mook, John Podesta, and Huma Abedin. “I need to give these guys a call about joining Biden’s team.”

Across social media, liberals have made it their purpose to harass and malign Bernie Sanders supporters, eighty-eight percent of whom voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, calling them petulant children, Bernie Bros, cultists, and agitators, and blaming them for Trump’s 2016 election.

While Sanders supporters have expressed frustration over the democratic party’s refusal to address their concerns over healthcare, climate change, income inequality, access to higher education, student debt, low wages, and foreign policy, party loyalists are signaling that the Democratic Party shouldn’t change, and have no interest in them if they’re unwilling to fall in line and support the candidate, including liberal Debbie Ahern who tweeted “We don’t need Bernie supporters we actually do not want them. Good for Bernie but his asinine supporters can go to hell! Until they vote blue to save our democracy and mean it, we do not need them.” However, many have admitted that they will reserve blame exclusively for Sanders supporters in the extremely unlikely chance Biden loses in November.

With Trump’s approval rating among voters at 49%, only slightly higher than President Obama’s 46% approval rating at this point in his first term, Democrats are confident that Joe Biden will easily defeat Trump in the key battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

“After four years, Americans have a good sense of Trump’s chaotic and reckless nature,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of the President, who currently enjoys a 92% approval rating among Republicans. “This is why that for every progressive voter we lose in Pennsylvania, we will gain two or three disaffected Republicans in the suburbs of Pennsylvania. And you can repeat that in Ohio and in Michigan, and in Wisconsin.”

Although the outcome of the primary was determined sooner than in 2016, some within Biden’s staff feared as recently as early March that the candidate might not pull it off, with Biden’s communication director Kate Bedingfield telling BeetPress “there were some tense moments heading into South Carolina and super Tuesday where it looked like Bernie could run away with it – which would have guaranteed Trump’s reelection. Luckily we still had a handful of viable candidates Barack could call on to inexplicably withdraw from the race and endorse Joe the day before super Tuesday. Also, I’ve got to hand it to the media for really dumping on Bernie, selling Joe as electable, and helping us turn this ship around.”

Like Bedingfield, Neera Tanden, CEO of democratic think tank Center for American Progress, is confident in the Democratic Party’s chances in 2020, saying “with his sexual assault allegations, the Ukraine business involving his son Hunter, the crime bill, Iraq war vote, his past comments on race, opposition to marijuana legalization, opposition to Medicare for All, support of NAFTA and the TPP, clear cognitive decline, and the complete lack of enthusiasm among voters for his candidacy among all demographics, no one is arguing that Joe Biden is the perfect candidate. But I’m certain voters will recognize that the next president just might be replacing Ginsburg on the supreme court and choose Joe.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow also has optimism for Biden’s chances in November, saying “Look, I can’t imagine a scenario in which Donald Trump, Putin puppet, wins over voters in Florida, North Carolina, or Ohio. I’d also keep my eye on South Carolina, Arizona, and Kansas. Yes, that Kansas. Ruby red Kansas.”

Maddow then pointed to a series of recent polls that show Biden winning the general election by up to four percentage points nationally.

According to sources within the Biden campaign, given his nearly inevitable victory on election day, the candidate will keep a pretty light campaign schedule, only appearing at fundraisers and town hall events in states like Virginia, Maryland, and Connecticut.

“Who needs to campaign when you can just let Trump’s own words and actions make the case for as as to why Biden is the one to choose?” asked Greg Schultz, planning and donor outreach director for Biden’s campaign, adding “it’s going to be such a piece of cake for Biden to beat Trump like a drum, he’s not going to know what hit him.”

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