Klobuchar, Biden, Warren, Bloomberg drop out in effort to stop Sanders

WASHINGTON, DC – A day after former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg ended his presidential campaign, and in an effort to consolidate support around moderate democratic candidates ahead of Super Tuesday, Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar has announced she is withdrawing from the democratic primary race.

“It’s been the honor of a lifetime to join so many fine candidates as we discuss the bold ideas to move America into the 20th century, but today I am announcing that I’d ending my candidacy,” Klobuchar told supporters in Minneapolis. “We can’t risk a candidate who wants to take health insurance away from 160 million Americans. We need a bold leader who will fight for the status quo, and this is why I am officially endorsing Joe Biden, and invite all of my supporters to do the same.”

Simultaneously in Boston, Senator Elizabeth Warren held a press conference and announced that she is also withdrawing from the race.

“No one ever said this would be easy,” said Warren, adding “and it’s with a heavy heart, but optimism down to my toes, that I am withdrawing from the presidential race. I urge all of my supporters to rally behind another strong woman candidate, Amy Klobuchar, because yes – a woman can win!”

In Wilmington, Delaware, Biden addressed supporters, saying “While we won big in South Carolina, the numbers just don’t add up moving forward in this great crusade to restore the soul of our democracy. Although my campaign is ending, I have to say, there is a senator from Massachusetts that has the fire, the passion, and the ambition to not only win this presidential primary, but to defeat Donald Trump in November. Please join me in support for Elizabeth Warren. Liz, beat him like a drum!”

Meanwhile, Bloomberg released a televised statement announcing that he too is ending his campaign. “Our top priority as democrats is beating Trump in November, and thus I’ve come to the conclusion that my role in this race shouldn’t be a vanity project, this shouldn’t be about me. We face many great challenges, and I’d be best served using my vast resources to bolster the campaign of someone who is a true leader, someone who’ll be ready on day one – and that’s why I’m endorsing vice president Joe Biden.”

According to sources, the simultaneous withdrawal of all four candidates came after a DNC intern mistakenly released a memo to all four campaigns which read in part “The existential threat within the democratic party is Bernie Sanders, and you’ve been given your instructions to end your campaign and announce your support for a candidate that better fits the democratic party ideology. In exchange, high power cabinet positions and leadership roles in the party will come your way. Don’t wait – do it now.” The memo was intended only to be released to Klobuchar’s campaign.

“I knew the field would start to thin out after the early primary states, but I didn’t expect it to thin out this much,” said CNN’s Chris Cillizza, adding “In an effort to drop out and consolidate support around a more moderate candidate, they might actually be helping Sanders. After all, only he and Tulsi Gabbard remain in the race.”

The Super Tuesday primaries will be held on March 3rd in 14 states with 1,357 delegates up for grabs. Sanders is expected to win all states.

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