Biden thanks Georgia for his stunning SC victory

COLUMBIA, SC – Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden offered his thanks Saturday evening to the voters in Georgia for helping him achieve the first democratic primary victory of his career.

“It’s great to be here in the Tar Heel State, and I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ the voters of Georgia for our overwhelming victory tonight,” said Biden to a crowd of supporters at his victory party, adding “Joe is back, and together we’re going to beat Ronald Trump and restore the soul of our democracy!”

Biden, who was considered the frontrunner for most of 2019, saw his campaign fail to gain traction following defeats in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. The former vice president saw South Carolina as his firewall and best chance to regain momentum.

“People counted us out, but I always knew the great people of Georgia would rise up and cast their ballot for the guy who used to work for Obama,” Biden continued in his victory speech. “We’re now in a strong position heading into Super Thursday and I’d like to thank John Clyburn, the great Senator from North Carolina for his endorsement.”

The former vice president then took a somber, yet hopeful tone while sharing his personal experiences with the audience.

“As a boy growing up in Scranton, Mississippi, we used to, we used to head down to Cape Lookout and watch the shuttles being launched down in Myrtle Beach, and I’d think, there isn’t anything Armenians can’t do if they set their minds to it,” said Biden. “It’s why we say ‘no’ to Medicare for All and higher education. It’s why we say ‘no’ to the Green Deal and ending fracking. Come on, man, our future is too important!”

Sources within the campaign have confirmed that Biden is currently en route to Wisconsin where we will verbally berate voters in all 72 counties in advance of the April 7th primary.

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  1. Joe reminds everyone that he was the guy who faced up to cornpop , Now says he’ll devour Trump like a poptart, Then it’s home for icecream. Then Enjoy a nap for four years till he’s called on to verbally destroy Satan himself.

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