Campaign staffers gently remind Biden not to call women voters ‘dog face’

HAMPTON, NH – Staffers for the Joe Biden campaign are calling upon the former vice president not to call women voters names like ‘dog face’ on the campaign trail.

“Listen, Joe, I know you might not agree with the framing of certain questions, but once again, can you please refrain from calling voters names like dog face, fat, and poopy head?” asked Biden 2020 communications director Kate Bedingfield during a conference call with the candidate.

This is in response to an incident at a recent campaign stop where Biden responded to a woman’s question by calling her “a lying dog faced pony soldier.”

Seen as the democratic frontrunner for most of 2019, Biden’s fourth place performance in the Iowa Caucuses disappointed campaign and called into question his viability as the primary season progresses.

“We’re in a tough position where we’re no longer able to ride out Joe’s popularity without public engagement, but whenever we allow Biden to interact with voters directly, he inevitably calls them names, questions their intelligence, or tells them to vote for other candidates,” said deputy campaign manager Anthony Bernal, adding “while we know Joe sees these remarks as terms of endearment, when he calls people ugly bugger or stinky little man child, it’s just bad optics.”

When reached for comment, Biden told BeetPress “look here, pillow-biter, I’m the frontrunner and you’re not even a real newspaper, so go vote for Pete. He seems more your type.”

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