Biden talking uncomfortably close in new campaign ad

WILMINGTON, DE – Viewers of a new campaign ad released by democratic candidate Joe Biden have reported feeling uneasy about the proximity of Biden to the camera.

“I felt like I could feel his breath through the screen,” reported Davenport, IA resident Tori Skillings, adding “I kind of wish he’d take a couple steps back and give me some space.”

The 30-second ad, in which he explains that he’s the best candidate to restore the soul of America, features Biden speaking directly into the camera as it slowly pushes in on his face.

“He’s really filling up that screen,” reported Cedar Rapids resident Dawn English. “It just gets closer and closer, and then there’s about six or seven seconds at the end where he’s not saying anything, just sort of staring at you. It’s creepy.”

Another campaign ad that has left viewers visibly shaken, titled Social Security, features the former vice president loudly whispering into a microphone about the need to preserve the program.

A screenshot from Biden’s “Social Security” ad

When reached for comment, Biden’s communications director Kate Bedingfield told BeetPress “in the run-up to the Iowa Caucus, television viewers are being flooded with campaign ads, so it’s crucial that ours stand out from the pack. As we’ve seen on the campaign trail, Joe Biden likes to get up close and personal with voters, and these ads are no exception. This is the essence of who Joe is, and I think voters are going to respond well and we’re going to win big on Monday.”

As of press time, BeetPress has learned that the campaign is airing a 30-second Superbowl ad featuring Biden stroking the hair of a scared 15 year old girl and explaining “the future is in our hands.”

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