Bloomberg completes acquisition of the DNC

NEW YORK, NY – Bloomberg announced today that it has completed its acquisition of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) which now stands as a wholly owned standalone subsidiary of Bloomberg.

The acquisition was overwhelmingly accepted by DNC leadership.

“Together, Bloomberg and the DNC will offer an exciting and unique combination of media and politics,” said Bloomberg CEO Mike Bloomberg. “From the presidency right down to the smallest city council election, Bloomberg will be shaping the future of politics for generations to come.”

The acquisition, valued at $600,000, will inject much needed revenue into the beleaguered political party that’s seen its profits decline in recent years.

“This is an exciting merger,” said DNC chair Tom Perez, adding “and when we lead with our values, we win elections. The values of the Bloomberg organization align perfectly with the DNC’s. Their global reach in the areas of mass media will be of tremendous benefit to Democrats across the country.”

On Friday, Bloomberg announced that it will be replacing the February democratic debate with a 2-hour infomercial highlighting the achievements of presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

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