Sanders told Joe Biden during private meeting that an old white man can’t win, sources say

WILMINGTON, DE – The stakes were high when Bernie Sanders met with Joe Biden in his Wilmington, Delaware home in December of 2018. Both men knew they would soon be competing against each other for President of the United States.

Biden and Sanders both agreed they should avoid personal attacks over the course of the primary season so as not to hurt the democratic party. They also discussed how best to take on President Donald Trump, and Biden laid out the case that his experience as vice president and his strong relationship with the black community were his greatest strengths.

Sanders responded that he didn’t believe an old white man could win.

Details of the meeting, of which only Biden and Sanders were present, is based on the accounts of four anonymous sources, none of which were present at the meeting, familiar with the meeting, or connected to either campaign, although one source is believed to be employed at a Wilmington-area Dairy Queen often frequented by Biden.

Responding to the reports, Biden backed up the account of the meeting saying “I thought an old white man could win. Bernie disagreed.”

Sanders denied the allegations, telling Beet Press “it’s unfathomable to think that I, someone who’s been an old white man for over 40 years, would tell anyone that I didn’t think an old white man could be president. What I did say was that Trump would use Joe’s age, clear cognitive decline, support for the Iraq war, and past positions favoring cuts to Social Security against him. Do I believe an old white man can win? Of course I do. After all, Donald Trump, who’s old and white, won the electoral college by 77 points.”

The bombshell comes just days after Elizabeth Warren’s campaign leaked a report alleging that Sanders told her he didn’t believe a woman could win to CNN. While Sanders denied he made the statement and has publicly affirmed many times over the course of 40 years that he believes a woman can win, Warren, who falsely identified as Native American for decades, plagiarized recipes to publish in a cookbook, and this week falsely claimed to be the only candidate to beat a republican incumbent and serve in an executive position, called Sanders a liar.

According to the anonymous sources, Sanders also called Pete Buttigieg in early 2019 to tell him that “a homo can’t win”, sent an email to Andrew Yang explaining that “a math nerd can’t win”, and published an op-ed in Bloomberg titled “why a diminutive billionaire can’t win.”

As the feud between Sanders and the rest of the candidates intensifies, political analysts and democratic party insiders worry that the allegations aren’t doing enough to hurt the Vermont Senator.

“We’re so desperate to knock Bernie down that just two weeks before the Iowa Caucus, we’re throwing everything we can think of at him,” said CNN’s Jake Tapper, adding “we literally have dozens of anonymous sources at our disposal. Just wait until we release our report that Sanders tipped only 12% to a black waitress at a Davenport Applebee’s last week.”

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