Warren: Joe Biden Told Me Boys Rule, Girls Drool

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

DES MOINES, IA – As the democratic primary race heats up heading into the February 3rd Iowa Caucus, explosive revelations have emerged from four anonymous sources that former Vice President Joe Biden told Senator Elizabeth Warren during a private 2018 meeting in her home that boys rule and girls drool.

Responding to the allegations, Biden issued a statement saying “look man, the Senator from Massachusetts and I talked about a lot of things. I put my arm around her and whispered in her ear that Donald Trump might make some sexist remarks against her if she becomes the nominee, and that’s it,” adding “which, by the way, obviously wouldn’t happen with me because I’m a dude.”

Warren’s campaign confirmed that the two candidates met briefly and discussed a range of issues, including whether or not boys rule and girls drool, with Kristen Orthman telling BeetPress “what’s been revealed by the anonymous sources is true. In addition, the Vice President said that Amy Klobuchar has cooties.”

The issue was raised during the January democratic debate, hosted by CNN, with moderator Abby Phillip asking Biden “did you tell Elizabeth Warren that boys rule and girls drool?”

Biden responded saying “No, I did not.”

Phillip then followed up with Warren, asking “how did you feel when Joe Biden told you that boys rule and girls drool?”

Warren replied “I disagreed. Look, everyone knows it’s girls that rule and boys that drool.”

Political pundits spent the morning discussing the allegations, including CNN’s Chris Cuomo who reported “what Joe Biden said to Elizabeth Warren is sexism plain and simple. He’s sexist, his supporters are sexist, and when you really look at his record, he was elected to the senate seven times, and not once did he run as a woman. Clearly it’s Biden that drools.”

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