Warren: Bernie Stole My Campaign Platform

BOSTON, MA – Amid heightened tensions between the campaigns of Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, the Warren campaign has released a statement accusing the Vermont senator and presidential candidate of copying her campaign platform.

“I’ve been fighting my entire life for equality and justice,” read an email to supporters sent by the Warren campaign, which continued “since my early political career as the mayor of Burlington Vermont, to my time in the House of Representatives, I’ve advocated for Medicare for all, gay rights, equal pay for women, and keeping the United States out of foreign interventionist wars. The fact that Senator Sanders has co-opted the key points of my political platform is both sexist and, quite frankly, offensive. As the first candidate in political history to run a grassroots campaign without billionaire donors or superPACs, please chip in $27 to ensure we beat Donald Trump and make it to the White House.”

When pressed for more details, Warren campaign communications director Kristen Orthman said, “Elizabeth Warren has been the steadfast leader in the fight for a Medicare for All for decades. For someone like Bernie Sanders to come along, steal her plan, and water it down is appalling. Not only is this behavior troubling, Bernie Sanders isn’t even a real democrat, unlike Elizabeth Warren who’s been a democrat her entire life.”

While the Sanders campaign has refused to comment on the accusations waged by the Warren camp, media pundits have noted that Sanders’ recent actions are indicative of a campaign in decline.

“With plummeting poll numbers after a surge in late summer and early fall, it’s clear that Sanders’ campaign is coming apart at the seams and he’s getting desperate,” said CNN political correspondent MJ Lee. “It wouldn’t surprise me if he made some baseless accusations such as Warren telling him in a private meeting that an old Jew would never be elected president. That’s how low he’s willing to go, and it only helps Donald Trump.”

BeetPress caught up with Warren at a campaign event in Nashua, NH who said “You know, I’ve taken over 100,000 selfies and people ask me all the time ‘why do you let this guy that refused to endorse you in your 2016 presidential race treat you this way? Why do you call him your friend?’ and to that I say, I don’t know. I don’t really have an answer.”

As of press time, BeetPress has confirmed that CNN is planning to spend the first hour of the upcoming democratic debate pressing Sanders to explain why he hates women so much.

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