Arm Manufacturers Optimistic About Iran War Prospects

Biological Technology Office (BTO) Director, Dr. Justin Sanchez delivered prosthetic arms made in partnership with DEKA to Dr. Paul Pasquina, Chief, Department of Rehabilitation at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (DoD Photo By: Sun L. Vega)

MANCHESTER, NH – Citing recent escalations in tension between the United States and Iran, prosthetic arm manufactures are optimistic about the prospects of an increase in business in the event of a full scale armed conflict between the two countries.

“While no one wishes for war, we have to admit we were pretty excited to hear that the president ordered the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani,” said DEKA Research and Development CEO Dean Kamen. “We expect that these developments lead to an increased demand for our medical devices.”

President Donald Trump assured the nation’s arm manufacturers that his second term would be a boon for business in a tweet this morning. A followup tweet indicated that prothetic leg manufactures would also benefit from his administration.

The prosthetic arm industry has the potential for accelerated growth in the coming decade, but analysts suggest that expansion is tied directly to the United States’ involvement in a protracted ground war, with CNN Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans telling BeetPress “the declining number of boots on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan has resulted in stagnation for arm manufacturers like Motion Control, Scheck & Siress, and MCOP Prosthetics. If the US launches a full ground invasion against Iran, the potential for growth is limitless.”

“Our Soldiers risk life and limb to keep us safe, and although no one wants to see them come home with a missing arm, when they do, we’ll be here to outfit them with the best prosthetic arm money can buy,” said Kamen.

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