Sanders Supporters Declare Victory Amid Positive Press Coverage

NEW YORK, NY – Amid news coverage that acknowledges Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is a serious player in the 2020 democratic primary race, Sanders supporters from coast to coast are breathing a sigh of relief and declaring victory.

“I’ve been working my butt off for months trying to get people to realize that Bernie is our best chance to beat Trump,” said Seth Graves, a Des Moines-area college student. “Now that the news media says he has a chance, I can relax and not really think about the election again until next November.”

In a recent memo sent to supporters, Sanders campaign spokesperson David Sirota offered congratulations, declaring “your hard work has paid off. The mainstream media is finally paying attention to our campaign. Enjoy the holidays, get some rest, we’ll see you at the convention!”

“I was ready to hop on a plane and spend January canvassing for Bernie across Iowa before the Iowa Caucus on February 3rd,” explained Joy Mann, adding, “but now that the media’s saying he could win, I think I’ll just take the month off to relax and catch up on some Netflix shows I’ve been putting off.”

According to CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza, the media’s strategy of offering positive coverage of the Sanders campaign is intentional, telling BeetPress “for months, we’ve mostly done negative coverage, or ignored Bernie completely, but this has only emboldened his supporters to fight even harder. Here’s hoping the positive press will quell his support and stall his campaign as we move into primary season.”

Symone Sanders, national press secretary for the Joe Biden campaign, also offered congratulations, tweeting “good job to Bernie and his team. You did it, and I’m just a little jealous I have to keep working hard to get Joe elected. Enjoy your time off!”

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