Actor in Anti-Medicare-for-All Commercial Loses Health Insurance

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jeremy Hopkins spends his time like many young, struggling actors trying to break out in America’s entertainment capital – attending acting classes, going from audition to audition, worrying how he’ll pay rent, and concerned that a medical emergency will derail his plans for the future.

“I guess I really didn’t think about healthcare much since I was covered by my parent’s healthcare plan, but I just turned 27, which means I’m no longer covered,” said Hopkins during a 10-minute break from what he considers his day job as a part-time barista at G & B Coffee.

Hopkins recently appeared in a 30-second commercial that was paid for by the Partnership for America’s Healthcare Future, an ad hoc alliance of American hospital, health insurance, and pharmaceutical lobbyists committed to preventing legislation that would lead to single payer healthcare, expanding Medicare, or creating a Medicare for All system.

Since his 27th birthday in August, Hopkins has been without health insurance, a fact that has added to the stress of being a struggling actor in Los Angeles.

“I was lucky to land the commercial because I really needed that $1250 to pay rent and my car payment this month, but these gigs only come up once every two or three months. When you consider it took 20 auditions to get that job, it’s not a lot of money,” Hopkins explained, adding “there’s no way I’d be able to pay another $250 a month to get health insurance with a $6000 deductible. Unless I land a sitcom or something steady, I for sure won’t make enough to get on the SAG-AFTRA healthcare plan.”

As of press time, BeetPress has confirmed that Hopkins, who owes $68,000 in student debt, has accepted a role playing a college student in a new Pete Buttigieg 2020 campaign ad titled Free Tuition isn’t the Path Forward.

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