Ariana Grande Announces Collaboration with Folk Singer Bernie Sanders

LOS ANGELES, CA – Pop and R&B singer Ariana Grande recently announced a collaboration with folk singer Bernie Sanders in hopes of expanding her fanbase into a traditionally untapped market.

According to Grande’s publicist, the Grammy Award-winning singer became aware of Sanders’s work in 2015, and has tried since that time to arrange a meeting to discuss possible future endeavors.

“It’s common for performers to expose themselves to new audiences by collaborating with artists from different genres,” said Simon Katz, Vice President of A&R for Republic Records, adding “just look at Bon Iver working with Eminem, or Elton John’s work with Demi Lovato.”

Sanders is best known for his 1987 folk album We Shall Overcome and for his recent collaborations with rapper Killer Mike, Jack White, and the rock band Vampire Weekend.

Grande hopes that by working closely with Sanders, she’ll be able to tap into his broad coalition of followers and possibly bring some new listeners to her music.

“I’m excited to be working with Bernie,” explained Grande, who continued, “normally you wouldn’t think that a 26-year old pop superstar would be interested in working with a 78 year old Jewish folk singer, but Lady Gaga worked with Tony Bennett and he’s 93. I think this will be a fun and fulfilling experience for both of us.”

The duo has announced the upcoming 22-date American “Unity” tour which kicks off February 3rd in Des Moines.

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