2020 Democrats Announce Comedy Tour

LOS ANGELES, CA – The 2020 democratic presidential candidates have announced they will be launching their Fall 2019 comedy tour “Dems of Comedy” at the Laugh Factory on Friday, October 18th followed by a two-week roadshow with engagements in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

The candidates gave a preview performance at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica on Thursday delighting the audience with jokes, anecdotes, and witty one-liners, and will continue refining their stand-up routines throughout next week, including a limited engagement on October 15th at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio.

“There were some great moments on stage,” said one audience member, adding “my favorite was Amy Klobuchar’s snow woman routine. When she gave the punchline “I’d like to see how Trump’s hair would fare in a blizzard, I about lost it.”

Another audience member told BeetPress “I liked Kamala’s Wizard of Oz joke, where she said Trump was like the small dude behind the curtain. Funny, funny stuff. And Delaney, who knew he had such chops. He literally walked on stage, said ‘I’m running for president’ and destroyed the audience. We were literally crying with laughter.”

Audiences can expect to see an all-star lineup, with stand-up performances by former vice president Joe Biden, Klobuchar, Harris, Elizabeth Warren, John Delaney, and Beto O’Rourke. CNN’s Chris Cillizza hosts the show and will captivate the crowd with impressions between sets.

While most candidates received praise from the audience, some felt that a few of the performances seemed a bit unpolished, including Beth Cahill, who remarked “Joe Biden started strong with his joke about having permission to hug Amy Klobuchar after she concluded her set, but then he seemed to stumble over his punchlines and forgot some jokes completely. His Corn Pop bit was a mess, so I hope he’s able to tighten things up before he’s in front of a paying audience.”

“Elizabeth Warren is great,” commented Emcee Chris Cillizza, adding “from her racist songs, to her Cherokee life routine, to the perfectly timed ‘assuming you can find one’ punchline to her joke about conservative men marrying women, she demonstrated that she is edgy, dangerous, and exciting. We need more comedians pushing the boundaries of comedy like she has.”

Bernie Sanders has confirmed that he will not participate in the tour, but plans to make an appearance at the October 15th event, telling BeetPress “I find it difficult to laugh and make jokes when seventy percent of American households can’t afford a $1000 emergency and when tens of millions of Americans are uninsured or underinsured.” Sanders has announced his own solo tour, meeting with working class Americans to discuss solutions to the problems they are facing.

Tickets are available through a generous donation to the Democratic National Committee.

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