Breaking: Beginning of the End for Trump

WASHINGTON, DC – With the latest news coming out of Washington, sources confirm this is the beginning of the end of President Donald Trump.

“The walls are definitely closing in,” commented MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who added, “as I’ve said before, over and over and over, what we’re witnessing are the final days of Trump’s presidency… because, Russia.”

CNN echoed Maddow’s statements, with Anderson Cooper reporting “we’ve moved past the point of no return. Like I’ve been saying ever since he got elected, President Trump better enjoy these last few days in the White House, because soon, it’ll all be for naught.”

Pundits across the political spectrum from NBC to the New York Times have pointed to the recent actions of the President as proof that his days are numbered with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell reporting “look at Ukraine, look at Iran, look at Russia, look at North Korea. Is there any doubt that the President will not make it to the end of his term?”

Outside of the media, members of Congress have indicated that Trump has likely committed high crimes and misdemeanors and will likely be removed from office, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who told reporters, “mark my words, what the President has done is an impeachable offense, and, like I’ve said on many occasions, his days are numbered.”

From issues ranging from immigration to banning Muslims from traveling to the United States, to his relationship with Vladimir Putin, the President has been one step away his entire presidency of being ousted from office.

“It is unprecedented that the sitting President of the United States would commit treason,” said CNN’s Chris Cillizza, adding “and as I said in 2017, 2018, and earlier this year, this is either the beginning of the end for Donald Trump or the end of the beginning. Either way, those walls are closing in.”

NBC political analyst Chuck Todd recently said on Meet the Press “We’re looking at a President in the final throes of his reign. It’s all unraveling before our eyes. No one can survive the corruption that Donald Trump has been engaged in for the last three years, and, as I’ve been saying for years, his time in office is coming to an end.”

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