Delaney: Sanders’ McRib Plan Will Reduce Quality

DETROIT, MI – Sparks flew at the Democratic Debate last night as John Delaney went on the attack against Senator Bernie Sanders’ Make-McRib-Available-Year-Round plan.

According to his campaign website, Delaney’s plan for the McDonald’s sandwich essentially keeps the McRib available for only a few weeks a year, but extends availability from the typical six weeks to three months. Sanders’ plan would make the McRib available year round whenever lunch items are available. Kamala Harris released a plan yesterday that would see the McRib available year round, but only during limited hours.

Delaney, the former representative for Maryland’s 6th district, highlighted the differences between his plan and Sanders’ plan, primarily that having the McRib available throughout the year would reduce the quality of the McRib sandwich, saying “what you’ll find is that the McRibs will sit out for hours, thus drying out the delicious pork patty and tangy barbecue sauce.”

Moderator Jake Tapper’s first question to Sanders was a case in point, asking him to respond to Delaney’s criticism of Make McRibs Available Year Round. Delaney, Tapper noted, referred to year round McRibs “as bad policy” and “political suicide that will just get (President) Donald Trump reelected.” Sanders responded that Delaney’s statements were false.

Delaney rebutted with the statement “for a few glorious weeks a year, my father would bring home the McRib, and it was something special. If they were available all day, every day of the year, the magic of the McRib would be lost.”

The McRib issue will certainly be a topic of debate tonight as Kamala Harris will seek to defend her plan against Biden’s, who has called for keeping availability the same, but enhancing the sandwich with a slice of American cheese.

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