Kamala Harris: Make McRib Available Year Round

Kamala Harris (Alex Wong / Getty Images)

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Just in time for the second series of democratic debates, California Senator and candidate Kamala Harris has unveiled her plan to make the McRib sandwich available throughout the year.

According to the Harris campaign, yea-round access to McDonald’s iconic McRib sandwich, consisting of a pork patty served on a homestyle roll with barbecue sauce, slivered onions and sliced pickles, is a fundamental right of every American.

“I can not in good conscience stand idly by while millions of hardworking individuals are unable to walk into a McDonalds and order a McRib sandwich meal, complete with a Barq’s root beer any day of the year,” said Harris at a campaign rally in Detroit on Monday, adding “the time for the McRib is now!”

Upon hearing the announcement, Nina Turner, co-chair of the Bernie Sanders campaign, chided Harris’s proposal, saying “Bernie Sanders has always been on the right side of history when it comes to the McRib. Kamala Harris’s plan simply can not be described as a robust McRib year round proposal, but a pale imitation to Bernie’s plan.”

Senator Sanders introduced his McRib year round plan in March, which if passed, would make mandate the sandwich be available during all hours in which lunch is being served at every McDonald’s restaurant in the United States. Harris’s plan, on the other hand, would require the McRib be available only between the hours of 2pm and 4pm daily.

CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza told reporters “Kamala indicated her support for the McRib in January, and has taken time to craft a plan that is realistic and attainable, while Bernie’s plan would structurally alter the entire framework of the fast food system.”

When reached for comment, former vice president and frontrunner Joe Biden told BeetPress “I’ve always been for the McRib, man, just take a look at my record.”

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