Frustrated Dems Launch ‘Draft Tim Kaine’ Movement

WASHINGTON, DC – Citing a lack of viable candidates in the 2020 democratic presidential race, disillusioned democrats have coalesced around senator and former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

Although he has not formally announced his candidacy, pressure is mounting for the Virginia lawmaker to step into the race.

The Draft Tim Kaine movement has been spreading across the twittersphere with the trending hashtag #draftTimKaine and “Run Tim Run” lawn signs and bumper stickers appearing throughout the country as democrats search for the best candidate to defeat President Donald Trump.

Democratic strategist and 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean welcomes the enthusiasm, telling BeetPress “In order to defeat Trump in 2020, we’ll need to have a candidate, plain and simple. The fact that so few, and such unremarkable individuals have entered the race thus far indicates that Trump is a formidable opponent, so we need someone who can appeal to centrists and right-of-center independents, and I think Tim Kaine is the right choice.”

Tim Kaine’s policy positions would appeal to most democrats, including his support for the Affordable Care Act, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and NAFTA, Right-to-Work, as well as being marginally pro-choice.

Paige McKenzie, a sophomore at NYU and self-described Kaine-Girl, says that there’s growing excitement on campus of a Tim Kaine candidacy. “I started a chapter of Draft Tim Kaine [student group] here, and the response has been overwhelming,” said McKenzie. “He really speaks to the needs of Gen-Z and millennials. We managed to collect over 1200 signatures that we included with an open letter imploring him to run.

CNN Political Analyst Chris Cillizza commented recently “We tried the antiestablishment thing in 2016 with Trump, and now Americans are clamoring for an establishment leader. Tim Kaine would be a bold and exciting candidate and bring with him the enthusiasm that we had for Hillary, paired with the steady hand we had with Obama. He’s got the name recognition and would instantly jump to front-runner status. Now if he’d just announce already!”

When reached for comment, Tim Kaine told BeetPress that he’ll think about it and come to a decision by the end of the summer.

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