HUGE! Latest Poll of Jill Biden Shows Overwhelming Support for Joe Biden

ATLANTA – Former Vice President and democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden is continuing his meteoric rise through a crowded field of candidates, leaving him head and shoulders above the rest of the Democratic candidates according to a new poll from CNN of Jill Biden.

The new poll, conducted after Biden’s announcement on Thursday, shows that the candidate now has a 100 point lead over the next strongest candidate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who polled at 0%. Rounding out the list are Senator Kamala Harris (0%), Mayor Pete Buttigieg (0%), Senator Elizabeth Warren (0%) and former congressman Beto O’Rourke (0%). All other candidates were at 0%.

This high poll number solidifies Vice President Biden as the clear frontrunner in the democratic primary race as it seems increasingly unlikely any candidates are going to come anywhere near the level of support that Biden has from Jill Biden.

CNN Political Commentator Chris Cillizza said “Frankly, I’m surprised that Kamala and Mayor Pete are polling so low, but this goes to show the enormous support that Joe Biden has with Jill Biden”.

According to sources, the results of this poll disqualify every candidate except for Joe Biden from participating in the first CNN 2020 Democratic Debate, scheduled for July 30th in Detroit.

When reached for comment, Joe Biden told BeetPress “I’ve always done well with the Jill Biden demographic, and Jill really represents the pulse of the country. I really think we’re going to bring this thing home in 2020”.

The CNN Poll was conducted by SSRS April 25th among a random national sample of Jill Biden reached on a landline by a live interviewer.

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