Twitter User Suspended, #freebeth Movement Launched

Millions of Twitter users were shocked to discover, upon waking up this morning, that popular satirist and critical thinker who goes by the handle @bourgeoisalien has been silenced.

The page, run by an individual known only as Beth, was followed by over 56,000 Twitter users and offered a sardonic take on American politics. News of Beth’s silencing has sent shockwaves across the twitterverse. The historic event marks the first time that a Twitter account has been suspended and some, including @mabian, fear that sets a dangerous precedent. “Beth is a part of our national conversation. By eliminating her voice, you punish 60K of US, her followers. What did we do to be deprived of this voice? Your punishment is collective & disproportionate”.

Fans have reacted harshly upon hearing of the suspension. Kathy Durkin, a lesbian suburban grandma tweeted “We really need to move to a Nazi-free platform” followed by the hashtag #freebeth.

Another user, known as @andrewfrisbie05, a dedicated Sanders supporter and donut enthusiast, tweeted “whoever you are that pushed Twitter to do this, we will…find…you..and make you look like the cowards you are. This shit is out of hand and you’ve gone too far to silence ppl. #freebeth”.

Proponents of the First Amendment have been critical of Twitter’s suppression of Beth, including free speech activist and twitter user Maxxx [pizza emoji]. “Whoever is responsible for Twitter suspending @bourgeoisalien, I promise you whatever things you think Beth said to you I will make it look like child’s play. This is a [expletive deleted] outrage and I’m so mad. Beth was one of my favorite accounts. #freebeth”.

Supporters of Beth have launched a campaign to implore the Twitter thought police to reinstate Beth’s account by creating the hashtag #freebeth, which is currently trending. When reached for comment, a Twitter representative stated off-record only that the account @bourgeoisalien violated Twitter Rules. When pressed for further explanation of which specific rules were violated, the Twitter representative offered the additional statement: “we’re Twitter, and we silence whoever the [expletive deleted] we want”.

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