Biden’s VP Short List

WASHINGTON, DC – Former Vice President Joe Biden has yet to officially announce his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, but many have speculated that he’s planning on launching his campaign in April. Sources close to the former VP confirm that he’s also working on a list of potential running mates and could announce his pick at the launch of his campaign. Here are the top choices being considered by Biden:


Barack Obama – He has the experience, he’s African American, and he did Joe a solid back in 2008. While he served as Commander-in-Chief for 8 years, technically he could serve out the rest of a term if Old Joe bit the dust… we think. Our research staff has the day off.


Stacey Abrams – The former member of the George House of Representatives and candidate for Governor checks all the boxes to help Uncle Joe pander to women, millennials, people of color, and progressives.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus – She has the name recognition, she’s a woman, and she’s been on TV, which apparently makes one qualified to be leader of the free world. Her qualifications include pretending to be the Vice President and President of the United States.


Juan Guaidó – American educated, Guaidó has the experience pretending to be a president that is required should he have to assume the role. Like Biden, he has certainly stood in front of a mirror giving a mock national address.


Hillary Rodham Clinton – Sure, why the hell not?

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