Top 5 Albums of the 1990s


5. Siamese Dream – Smashing Pumpkins

Released in 1993, the sophomore LP of the Chicago-based alternative rock band Smashing Pumpkins is comprehensively magnificent from beginning to end, from the immediate radio hit classics such as “Cherub Rock”, “Today” and “Disarm” to the overlooked rock out jams such as “Quiet”, “Hummer”, “Silverfuck” and “Geek U.S.A.” Thirteen songs over the span of just over sixty-two minutes that will drench you in an eloquent and personal melting pot of shoe-gaze, progressive rock, dream pop, and heavy metal.



4. Fiesta Macarena – Los Del Río

Released in 1996 , this beautifully written album will entrance you in a world of prolific pathos. The Latin pop hit “Macarena” is wonderfully orchestrated, though it overshadows other great hits such as “Tengo, Tengo” and the “Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)”. You’re also graced with three bonus tracks, one being “The Macarena (Christmas Joy Remix)”, a smash holiday hit.



3. A Mí Me Gusta – Los Del Río

1993’s A Mí Me Gusta is a perfectly woven album from beginning to end. If you dig any semblance of Latin culture, flamenco, or dance pop, this is the album for you. Coming in at fifty minutes and forty five seconds, this is twelve tracks that make you want to fall in love. “El Sueño de la Marisma” (The Dream of The Marshes) is the sound of delight. As well as track two and three, “Tocalo, Tocalo”(Touch it, touch it) and “Con el Corazon” (With The Heart). Though none hold a candle to track one, “The Macarena.”



2. Calentito – Los Del Río

From the subtly composed first track “Pura Carrocería” (Pure Body) to the overtly danceable ninth track “La Niña (Del Pañuelo Colorado)” (The Girl (In the Red Bandana)) this album is HOT. though none of the tracks hold a candle to the dazzling final track, ‘Macarena (River Re-Mix 103 BMP)’. Whether it be at a wedding reception, school dance, or a quinceañera, this electrifying album will have you hitting the dance floor in a heartbeat.



1. Macarena Non Stop – Los Del Río

This album is a PERFECT example of why there should not be a wall between Mexico and the United States, nor any other culture. This album had me crying, laughing and unpredictably dancing. It was the best after-funeral party mix I’ve ever experienced. A compilation album much like Nirvana’s Incesticide, all eight tracks are absolute amazement to anyone’s ears – even the deaf. “Macarena (Non Stop Version)” is the definitive hit single – no wonder they named the album after it. “La Niña (Del Pañuelo Colorado) – The Afterhours Meme Dub” (The Girl (In the Red Bandana) – The Afterhours Meme Dub) also stands on its own as a dance-worthy single. There is a two way tie for this album’s unsung hero between the expressive “Macarena – Mezcla Guerrillera” (Macarena – Guerrilla Mix) and “Macarena  (New Remix by Bass Bumpers Radio Edit)”, that conveys a feeling impossible to describe. If you want to hear a real piece of art, buy this album!

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