Michael Cera To Play Batman

HOLLYWOOD – In a move that has stunned industry insiders and caused an uproar at TMZ, The Batman director Matt Reeves has tapped Michael Cera to play the titular role.

The choice of Cera, best known for playing the meek and shy Evan in the coming of age comedy Superbad as well as effeminate teenager George Michael Bluth in the Fox series Arrested Development, comes as a pleasant surprise for fans of Batman, as the character has previously been played by more masculine and intense actors such as Ben Affleck and Christian Bale.

Reeves made the announcement via Twitter: “We have found our Caped Crusader! Sorry @Armiehammer, @RDPattinson, Jack O’Connell, @aarontjohnsonth, our new Bruce Wayne will be portrayed by the quirky and talented Michael Cera!”

New Batman Michael Cera (left)

When reached for comment, DC Entertainment confirmed Cera’s casting, adding “When I think of Batman, only one name comes to mind, and that’s Michael Cera. After an incredibly rigorous auditioning process, we feel confident that he’s the best actor to bring the character to the big screen once again. Some may have doubts as we did, but after seeing his audition and thinking back to Michael Keaton’s casting in 1989, we saw a darkness in Cera’s puppy dog eyes that couldn’t be matched”.

Fans of the series have also expressed enthusiasm including Jonathan Skopje, stating “I was expecting someone perhaps a little more jacked like Val Kilmer or George Clooney, but Michael Cera, who also played that scrawny geek in Juno, is the perfect choice to play the Dark Knight. I couldn’t be more excited”.

In related news, it has been rumored that Seth Rogen is in the lead to play Commissioner James Gordon, previously portrayed by Gary Oldman and JK Simmons.

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