Biden Creates Facebook Page Ahead of Presidential Announcement

Former Vice President Posting on Facebook

WILMINGTON, DE – In an effort to appeal to younger voters, former Vice-President and potential 2020 democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has created a Facebook page.

Joe Biden’s decision to enter the social media world came at the advice of Biden’s Director of Social Media and granddaughter Finnegan Biden. “At first, I was hesitant because of the Russia stuff, but Finn told me that a lot of people get political information from Facebook. Plus it’s been fun connecting with old friends from back in my Senate days”, Biden told BeetPress via telephone.

Biden, seen as the current frontrunner of the 2020 democratic primary race, admits that his base of support is with mostly older and more moderate democrats, adding “If we can reach out to these kids and spread our message of strengthening the Affordable Care Act, lowering the percentage rate on student loans, highlight my record on foreign and domestic issues, and demonstrate that I’m a true champion of the middle class, I really think we’ve got a shot”.

In an effort to energize the millennial voting bloc, Biden has shared several anti-Trump memes on his Facebook wall, including one depicting the current President of the United States without his signature tan and quaffed hair with the caption ‘without spray tan or hair, Trump is just your grumpy neighbor’.

Screenshot of Biden’s Profile Page

While many have praised Biden for his foray into the social media world, some have voiced concern, including Richmond, VA mother Jennifer Green. “I noticed that Joe Biden had friended my daughter, which I thought was a bit weird at first, but then they started chatting on Messenger. She’s sixteen, she can’t even vote yet”.

Representatives from Facebook have confirmed that the former Vice President is an active member of the Facebook platform. “He called us no less than six times last week asking what his password was, and on at least one occasion frantically asked how to unshare something. Some people shouldn’t use technology”, commented a Facebook employee who wished to remain anonymous adding, “How’d he even get our phone number?”

As of press time, BeetPress has confirmed that Biden has been banned from using Facebook for seven days after violating Facebook’s terms of service.

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