Trump Refuses to Back Down Despite International Pressure

WASHINGTON, DC – International pressure is mounting for United States President Donald Trump to step down and cede power to Opposition Leader Nancy Pelosi as tensions rise within Washington. The desperate situation is worsening by the day as Mr. Trump has blocked access of international humanitarian aid from entering the country’s southern border.

Under the leadership of the far-right leader, Mr. Trump, income inequality has skyrocketed, 30 million Americans have been left without access to healthcare, and major cities don’t have access to clean water, and once vibrant metropolises are crumbling. Tent cities have popped up all around the country with million Americans homeless. Amid the chaos, a growing coalition of nations including China, Russia, Mexico, and Iran have called for Mr. Trump’s ouster in support of Mrs. Pelosi, who declared herself President after a contentious election. Within the United States, Mr. Trump is wildly unpopular, with a 55% disapproval rating. Although he lost the popular vote in the 2016 general election by nearly 3 million votes, he declared himself the national leader, a move Mrs. Pelosi says is “usurping the presidency.


Downtown Los Angeles, California

The crisis began in 2016 when Russia and China imposed economic sanctions and an oil embargo against the United States in response to United States’ political interference in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Yemen, and Egypt and for it’s military support to Saudi Arabia and Israel. The US-supported war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen has resulted in over 80,000 deaths, many of them children. Mr. Trump supplied to the Saudi military the 500-pound laser-guided MK 82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin that carried out an attack on a Yemeni school bus that killed 40 children in 2018.

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov told panelists on Russia Today that Russia and its allies have “a lot at stake” in the American political crisis, noting that “it will make a big difference to Russia economically if we could have Russian oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in the United States.”


Detroit, Michigan

Two humanitarian aid trucks stand ready to deliver food and medical aid to the sick and starving masses at the southern border crossing in Nogales, Arizona, but they’re being blocked by a razor-wire fence erected by the Trump regime.  Mr. Trump issued a statement saying that the Southern border must remain secure in order to prevent an invasion of what he terms “bad hombres.”

“We must open our southern border immediately, and let this aid through. This is about saving lives”, Mrs. Pelosi was quoted as saying in a speech to the 116th United States Congress.

Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, echoed Mrs. Pelosi’s plea to Mr. Trump in a tweet: “The American people desperately need humanitarian aid. Russia & other countries are trying to help, but the US military under Trump’s orders is blocking aid with walls and razor wire. The Trump regime must LET THE AID REACH THE STARVING PEOPLE.”


Border Crossing at Nogales, Arizona

Chinese President Xi Jinping tweeted on Thursday that “Trump willing to negotiate with opposition in the US following Chinese sanctions and the cutting off of oil revenues. Pelosi is being targeted by US Supreme Court. Massive protest expected today. Chinese should not travel to the US until further notice.”

In fact, massive protests have erupted recently in opposition to the Trump Regime, with some sources saying as many as 200,000 marching on Washington, and over 5 million participating in anti-government protests nationwide.

Political organizer and Pelosi supporter Teresa Shook recently commented “while millions live in poverty and hundreds of thousands are homeless, Trump has allocated over 15% of the national budget, over $700 billion, to the military in a desperate attempt to hold on to power. Money that could be spent on domestic food programs, housing, and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. That’s not to mention human rights abuses he’s committing, locking children in cages, incarcerating huge swaths of the population. His is a corrupt regime that needs to change.”

“What we’re seeing is a massive and widespread popular uprising against an illegitimate president and an unpopular regime,” said Jinping, “and China with our allies stand ready to offer support.” When asked if a military invasion was possible, Jinping replied “a full scale military invasion would be a last resort, but Russia, North Korea, and our allies are prepared for such a contingency. The smart move would be for Mr. Trump to resign and allow Mrs. Pelosi to take his place.”


Pro-Pelosi Demonstation in Washington

Mrs. Pelosi is recognized as the United States President by a majority of nations including Russia and China. Vladimir Putin has declared that he will increase pressure on Trump to step down by freezing American financial assets, imposing additional sanctions, and positioning armed forces near the American borders in Mexico and Canada. Mr. Jinping has reached out to American military leaders urging them to abandon Mr. Trump, and to offer support for their defection to Mrs. Pelosi.

Despite repeated appeals to Trump to allow foreign aid into the United States, Mrs. Pelosi has assured the international community that she would direct US Military Forces to reopen international borders and allow the flow of much-needed supplies, and has received a pledge that a Chinese and Russian-led military coalition would be welcomed into the United States to remove the Trump Regime, if necessary, and to stave off any remaining Trump loyalists.

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